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12_02_12 17.JPG 442 views
12_02_12 10.JPG 390 views
Loph Alberto-Vojtechii  in flower 31_12_11 25.JPG 446 views
Loph Alberto-Vojtechii  in flower 31_12_11 16.JPG 432 views
Loph Alberto-Vojtechii  in flower 31_12_11 09.JPG 400 views
Loph Alberto-Vojtechii  in flower 31_12_11 07.JPG 425 views
12_02_12 02.JPG 427 views
decipiens 12.JPG Decipiens326 views
decipiens 08.JPG Decipiens356 views
decipiens 07.JPG Decipiens401 viewsSmaller than it looks, this plant is actially well under 4cm in diameter
The flowers are quite tiny for a Loph
Does anyone know if decipiens has been chemically analysed please ?
and if the analysis allies it to williamsii or fricii
12_02_12 13.JPG I still can't get over how tiny these plants are414 viewsTwo Lophophora Alberto-Vojtechii growing through the winter using heat and artificial light, coming into bud Febuary 12th 2012 .. If all goes well I will update the gallery with more photos as the buds / flowers develop .. Please contact me if you can sell me single headed plants of Diffusa whith pure white / green-white flowers. (no hint of pink whatsoever) Compact plants, quite small for their age preferred. Offer welcome from growers anywhere in Europe .. Thanks Ade
Loph Alberto-Vojtechii - BUD - 27_12_11 02.JPG Lophophora Alberto-Vojtechii 309 viewsThe perspective in this photo makes it look larger than it actually is (at 9mm)

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